Cobbler Creek Recreation Park new Shelter

Rotary Club of Salisbury, SA, Friends of Cobbler Creek, the SA Department of Environment and Water, Tony Zappia MP and City of Salisbury, SA, Australia over a number of months have worked together to see a new shelter installed for the local community to enjoy. The Shelter is located at Cobbler Creek, in a spot known by our Rotarians and Friends as ‘Rotary Spot’.

Here are some happy snaps of our community and friends celebrating this occasion. You can see our VIPs Tony Zappia MP, Rhiannon Pearce MP, Janine Kraehenbuehl- DEW District Ranger and Shanelle Palmer – President FoCC with our President Mìgnon.

Thank you also to Zoe Bettison MP and Blair Boyer MP for sharing the news of this new shelter on their pages.