Love exploring places in your caravan and motor home?

Love exploring places in your caravan and motor home? You might like to read about this Rotary fellowship Group who are visiting City of Adelaide at the moment.

Recreational Vehicle Fellowship of Rotarians (RVFR) is one of the many fellowships within Rotary in which the members have a common bond. In this case a love for camping with caravans and motor homes in various locations in Australia.

They come together several times a year, which they label musters and explore places of interest of this great country, these musters are organised with activities in pre-determined locations.

Presently they are here in Adelaide, yes approximately 50 people in 25 Caravans and motor homes. These members are from all over Australia and the world.

In May of 2023 Rotary International is holding their International Conference in Melbourne and so the Recreational Vehicles of Rotarians have organised this “Muster”. It’s a 3 week “muster” starting from Melbourne through Adelaide, Mildura, Echuca and back to Melbourne in time for the conference.

This morning 88.7 Adelaide’s Coast FM will be interviewing some of the members of this great ‘muster’ at 9.15am, we encourage you to tune in and listen to their story and adventures. (Thank you to 88.7 Adelaide’s Coast FM for the opportunity).

These visitors have been out exploring Victor Harbor, South Australia, Glenelg, South Australia the shipping history at Port Adelaide and also enjoying food and wine at the gorgeous Adelaide Hills Hahndorf, South Australia and will also be doing a tour of Adelaide Oval today.

If looking for a more detailed description it can be viewed on their web site and/or Facebook

We also encourage you if you see the team traveling tomorrow to give them a wave as they will depart Adelaide for their next stage of their muster to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Your home should be a safe place

Your home should be a safe place to live yet sadly growing numbers of properties in Australia are becoming contaminated with Methamphetamine from the use of or production of the drug known as ICE. WAHealth estimate that 375,000 people are living in a meth contaminated property and do not know it. Meth use and manufacture is not a socio-economic related issue. Remediation companies around Australia report that they attend to more high-end properties than social housing properties.

Whilst most people think it is just the property (bricks and mortar) that is contaminated this is not the case. The contents of the property and anyone residing in the property after the drug user has vacated are also absorbing the residue and having their health affected as a result. Also, anyone entering the property and staying for more than half an hour is also at risk. This opens the numbers of people affected by the contamination to more than the 375,000 estimated to be residing in a contaminated property. The highest risk is to children and ignoring this fact needs to be seen for what it is ‘child abuse’.

Why is this happening and continuing to happen? Essentially it is down to two factors, lack of legislation and lack of public awareness. Drug use will never be curtailed and as one drug falls out of favour another will take its place. Therefore, banning drugs is not the answer. Protecting innocent people from purchasing or leasing a contaminated property, buying a contaminated vehicle, or purchasing contaminated goods is where the focus of attention should be.

This starts with public awareness of the issue and how to protect the family and investments. It begins with the market refusing to purchase or lease unless the property is tested. It begins with government regulating the testing and remediation industry and the real estate industry. It begins with accredited training being required to undertake testing and remediation and hefty fines for those who do not comply.  If the government can act within a day on protesters and within a day on the ICAC then surely they can act quickly on the changes needed and as they are currently not doing that one has to question WHY NOT?

Yvonne Lacey OAM
Read bio’s for Michael and Yvonne

Cobbler Creek Recreation Park new Shelter

Rotary Club of Salisbury, SA, Friends of Cobbler Creek, the SA Department of Environment and Water, Tony Zappia MP and City of Salisbury, SA, Australia over a number of months have worked together to see a new shelter installed for the local community to enjoy. The Shelter is located at Cobbler Creek, in a spot known by our Rotarians and Friends as ‘Rotary Spot’.

Here are some happy snaps of our community and friends celebrating this occasion. You can see our VIPs Tony Zappia MP, Rhiannon Pearce MP, Janine Kraehenbuehl- DEW District Ranger and Shanelle Palmer – President FoCC with our President Mìgnon.

Thank you also to Zoe Bettison MP and Blair Boyer MP for sharing the news of this new shelter on their pages.



Guest Speaker first hand experience

Not to be missed – Guest Speaker account of their experience in a contaminated rental house that has ripped their lives apart and agents do not want to know.

Michael and Yvonne Lacey have both been devoted community workers and volunteers who over the years have received extensive recognition for their community work.

Their aim is to raise awareness of the serious problem created by methamphetamine contamination of properties and its broad reaching ramifications for innocent members of the community especially children, regardless of socio-economic background.

Join us to hear a first-hand account

Monday 15th May at 7:00pm

eClub online meeting ZOOM link click here

Meeting ID 818 7432 5870   Passcode 550695
call Graham for assistance 0412 694 461

100 Peace Poles – 100 Years of Rotary in SA

100 Peace Poles Project
Rotary Club of Adelaide
Sponsor a Peace Pole to be established in your community
Contact: Rotary Club of Adelaide

I had the pleasure of talking to Heidi Unferdorben, Immediate Past President and Chair Centenary Committee Rotary Club of Adelaide about the Peace Pole Project. She shared the following information about this project

The Peace Pole program had its beginnings in 1955. You can now find Peace Poles in close to 200 countries with more than 250,000 placed around the world. The Rotary Club of Adelaide aims to distribute 100 Peace Poles in recognition of the 100 years of Rotary in South Australia 2023-24.

Peace Poles are set into the earth, with the Universal Peace Message ’May Peace Prevail on Earth’ written on each side in four languages. They symbolise our common wish for a world at peace. They stand as a silent vigil, reminding us to think and act in the spirit of peace.

The Rotary Club of Adelaide is inviting schools, individuals, other Rotary Clubs, community organisations and businesses in South Australia to join together and help spread the message of peace across our state and throughout the world by sponsoring a Peace Pole. Each pole will be delivered complete to you and will be numbered from 1 to 100. You can choose where it will go in your local community.

You, your Rotary Club, school, business or community organisation can be a part of the growing peace movement in South Australia and support this idea.
Email:     Heidi Unferdorben  Chair
Centenary Committee


The following Radio podcast Curtesy ABC Adelaide 891

Playgrounds for Mongolian kids, now “Off the Heap”

Rotarians Jack and Jill Reddin (Murray Bridge) were invited by their son Troy in August 2022 to join him on a tour of Mongolia where he had been working for the last 15 years, designing the underground part of the world’s biggest copper/gold deposit. Part of that tour was being shown over the Veloo Foundation’s kinder/childminding centre on the outskirts of the capital Ulaanbaatar, Cheval Veloo also working in the same mine.

The idea of the facility, totally funded by the Veloos and their fundraising, stemmed from Julie Veloo when she saw lots of very young children scavenging with their parents on the massive rubbish dump (known locally as “the Heap”) for food, fuel and maybe something to sell. These scavengers are a sub population in Mongolia who are dirt poor. And to put their kids’ situation in some perspective, winter in Mongolia lasts 6 months where the day temperatures never rise above zero.
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