Your home should be a safe place

Your home should be a safe place to live yet sadly growing numbers of properties in Australia are becoming contaminated with Methamphetamine from the use of or production of the drug known as ICE. WAHealth estimate that 375,000 people are living in a meth contaminated property and do not know it. Meth use and manufacture is not a socio-economic related issue. Remediation companies around Australia report that they attend to more high-end properties than social housing properties.

Whilst most people think it is just the property (bricks and mortar) that is contaminated this is not the case. The contents of the property and anyone residing in the property after the drug user has vacated are also absorbing the residue and having their health affected as a result. Also, anyone entering the property and staying for more than half an hour is also at risk. This opens the numbers of people affected by the contamination to more than the 375,000 estimated to be residing in a contaminated property. The highest risk is to children and ignoring this fact needs to be seen for what it is ‘child abuse’.

Why is this happening and continuing to happen? Essentially it is down to two factors, lack of legislation and lack of public awareness. Drug use will never be curtailed and as one drug falls out of favour another will take its place. Therefore, banning drugs is not the answer. Protecting innocent people from purchasing or leasing a contaminated property, buying a contaminated vehicle, or purchasing contaminated goods is where the focus of attention should be.

This starts with public awareness of the issue and how to protect the family and investments. It begins with the market refusing to purchase or lease unless the property is tested. It begins with government regulating the testing and remediation industry and the real estate industry. It begins with accredited training being required to undertake testing and remediation and hefty fines for those who do not comply.  If the government can act within a day on protesters and within a day on the ICAC then surely they can act quickly on the changes needed and as they are currently not doing that one has to question WHY NOT?

Yvonne Lacey OAM
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Playgrounds for Mongolian kids, now “Off the Heap”

Rotarians Jack and Jill Reddin (Murray Bridge) were invited by their son Troy in August 2022 to join him on a tour of Mongolia where he had been working for the last 15 years, designing the underground part of the world’s biggest copper/gold deposit. Part of that tour was being shown over the Veloo Foundation’s kinder/childminding centre on the outskirts of the capital Ulaanbaatar, Cheval Veloo also working in the same mine.

The idea of the facility, totally funded by the Veloos and their fundraising, stemmed from Julie Veloo when she saw lots of very young children scavenging with their parents on the massive rubbish dump (known locally as “the Heap”) for food, fuel and maybe something to sell. These scavengers are a sub population in Mongolia who are dirt poor. And to put their kids’ situation in some perspective, winter in Mongolia lasts 6 months where the day temperatures never rise above zero.
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Provide emergency shelter to families who have lost their home to disaster, enabling them to rebuild their lives.

Give lifesaving shelter today…….
Want to hear about ShelterBoxes and ShelterKits and how they help in natural disasters around the world?
If you missed this recent informative radio interview from 88.7 Adelaide’s Coast FM with CEO from ShelterBox Australia.
Rotary are proud to be partnered with ShelterBox Australia and this partnership, with Rotary’s local connections, enables helping people in real times of need – these communities can be left with nothing after these major disasters.
Thank you to Rob McLennan 88.7 Adelaide’s Coast FM for the opportunity to talk about this amazing partnership project with your listeners and thank you to CEO Mike Greenslade ShelterBox Australia for your very informative information.
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We encourage you to share this post. Maybe your local school might like to get involved by fundraising for a ShelterBox and/or ShelterKits to make a difference in giving lifesaving shelter to someone in need in the world?

Volunteering for Rotary

This video is a recording of an interview broadcast on 16th March 2022 by Coast FM. As a new Rotarian, Alexandra is a very positive volunteer and excited to explore more of what Rotary does. If you are keen to experience Volunteering for Rotary, just contact Chairperson Julie via email: or

Any Clubs who has a great story to tell and would like a do an interview with Coast FM, just email Julie.