Rebecca Fry at Rotary International Assembly

Had a blast speaking at a Rotary conference in San Diego last week. Met amazing leaders! Video of speech below. Finally home safe and sound after an incredible week in San Diego!

The Rotary International Assembly was more incredible than I could have imagined. A huge shout out to all the Rotary International staff and leaders that were involved in pulling this leadership training event together. The seemless integration of Rotaract into the program was beyond impressive and an opportunity we will all truly value for many years to come.

It was truly a privilege to present on PR and Rotary’s Core Values during the fifth plenary session. Cannot thank the Stage Production team enough for their amazing support and expertise to ensure the presentation was a success! I truly had so much fun and with all the prep done, could simply enjoy the moment!

To all of the Rotaractors in the Aloha cohort, you are all amazing! It was wonderful to be part of such an insightful and inspiring group of global leaders. Am truly looking forward to staying connected and seeing what everyone achieves back home with their action plans.

Thank you to RIP Barry Rassin, RIPE Mark Maloney and Immediate Past RIP Ian Riseley for the support you have shown Rotaract and provided personally. This year marks my 14th year in the Rotary Family and I have never been more encouraged by the initiatives implemented by Rotary International to ensure the sustainability of the organisation for many years to come.