Rotary Radio Promo’s

We created a radio script which was recorded voluntarily by three Coast FM presenters, two male and one female and produced very professionally by Jim Mortimer, the  Coast FM Production Manager at no cost.


Promo 1



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Mount Serle Homestead

The Rotary Club of Maitland is creating just such an opportunity, BUT it needs your help, advice and assistance. The Rotary Club of Maitland is seeking to create an Eco wilderness experience opportunity in conjunction with the Iga Warta Community situated in the northern Flinders Ranges, this opportunity is to be created on Mount Serle Station[Iga Warta is the lessee] and commences with renovation work within the Homestead complex.

If you would like to be part of the action please refer to and follow the prompts or contact David Amery direct on 0455 839 885  or  0476 996 882

The first two initial working opportunities 20th – 25th June and 11th – 16th July.

Volunteering for Rotary

This video is a recording of an interview broadcast on 16th March 2022 by Coast FM. As a new Rotarian, Alexandra is a very positive volunteer and excited to explore more of what Rotary does. If you are keen to experience Volunteering for Rotary, just contact Chairperson Julie via email: or

Any Clubs who has a great story to tell and would like a do an interview with Coast FM, just email Julie.

eClub sending funds to Valerie Browing AFAR

Our eClub D9510online, Australia has been collecting donations and have forwarded funds directly to Valerie. In an email she replied that “these funds will help to purchase emergency food and milk for the children in the villages she is travelling to in the next few days”, she is very, very overwhelmed with the support we have been able to provide. A little bit of good news is that the Ethiopian Government troops have moved into the local towns and blocked the Tigrayan forces and moving them further north away from the AFAR region.

The following is a short update from Valerie Browning:

Dear all again,

this is the latest info – as of the last 3 days, the PM is actually ordering the army and there have been advances.

If this means TPLF will be out of Afar Region, this is tenuous since the border is very long and the hills very porous for such activities. Afar displaced will not be secure to go home for sometime. Then the recovery is such a long road ahead.

APDA is working hard to assist any other NGOs to take assistance in and also looking at how to balance between those in the community who have some ability to feed their household and those who are destitute – trying to stimulate markets and so on.

As winter sets in for these people, sincerely need to work harder to battle the shelter issues – Afar traditional mats above anything are wanted and needed to build an Afar nomadic house again. with many thanks to each of you