Worst Locust Swarms in Decades – Can you help?

Worst Locust Swarms in Decades


Hundreds of millions of desert locusts are swarming in Ethiopia some of the biggest numbers seen in more than 25 years. Recent floods in the area toward the end of the year has contributed to the massive outbreak, driving an explosion of locusts that are destroying crops and threatening food security across the region.
Further Details: https://rotaryeclub.org.au/…/worst-locust-swarms-in…/

Modbury Rotary Club – Good News Story


In recognition of the Port Arthur tragedy on 28/29 April 1996 the R.C. of Modbury, in conjunction with Trees for Life and staff and students of Modbury Primary School, undertook a planting of 35 eucalypts and casuarinas on a recently cleared reserve at Sandalwood Drive, St. Agnes. Each plant was intended to reflect upon the life of each of the victims of the rogue gunman on that fateful day. The planting was undertaken in May 1996.

In 2018 the City of TTG Council undertook significant refurbishment of the planted area including the replacement of a number of the plants which had not survived the initial planting.

Reported by Keith Rendell —  remembering those who are no longer with us at St Agnes Recreation Park.

End POLIO Now – Rotary’s Major Project

Two reasons why we don’t have Polio in this Country? Rotary’s initiative 33 years ago to stamp it out! and vaccinating your child, we don’t have it in Australia due to vaccinating and if you don’t vaccinate, we are just an overseas visitor away from someone getting it!

Rotary Clubs are continually working on the END POLIO NOW program. Want to be involved in Rotary, let us know! https://voiceofrotary.org.au/contact-us/

Rebecca Fry at Rotary International Assembly

Had a blast speaking at a Rotary conference in San Diego last week. Met amazing leaders! Video of speech below. Finally home safe and sound after an incredible week in San Diego!

The Rotary International Assembly was more incredible than I could have imagined. A huge shout out to all the Rotary International staff and leaders that were involved in pulling this leadership training event together. The seemless integration of Rotaract into the program was beyond impressive and an opportunity we will all truly value for many years to come. Continue reading…